Describe something you have achieved and you proud of

Describe something you have achieved and you proud of

You should say:

  • What you have achieved?

  • When you have achieved it?

  • What was difficult about achieving it?

  • and explain why you are proud of this achievement.

Thank you for giving me such an interesting topic. It was a time when a painting competition was held in my college and I got a part in it. And I also got 2nd position in it. This was greatest achievement for me as I started practicing a few months ago. I just participated to see where I stand. There are number of students including my senior as well as my junior took participation. They all did drawing from many time. I didn’t have even a bit of hope that will surpass them. When I heard my name from the announcer at 3rd position. I jumped with full of passion.

Moreover, it was totally un-expected for me. I was glad when everyone clapped for me. All friends and family members congratulated me. As I was not professional in painting but still I got award for this. This competition was announced in our school 15 days before the competition and participants’ name was started registering a week before competition. I just participated to see how much my painting will be praised by others. So that I can improve my self in painting. In the competition, I drew a painting of a joker who performs in a funny way to keep people laughing but he own was sad from his due to his life.

My picture demonstrated these two faces of a joker that how he compromise with his emotions to make everyone happy instead of having a lot of pain inside. According to me, the judges had found the real meaning of my pictures and its beauty. After all, real painting is that which describe its meaning clearly. They appreciated me a lot for my choice. I can never forget that day in my entire life.

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