Describe an Area of Science (Physics, Psychology, and So On) That Interests You

Describe an area of science (physics, psychology, and so on) that interests you. Please say

– What it is?

– How do you know about it?

– Why are you interested in it?

Sample Answer of Describe an Area of Science (Physics, Psychology, and So On) That Interests You

Well, I m not too enthusiastic about learning science due to a lack of concentration as well the interest, but today I am going to talk about an area of science in which I have a keen interest rather than other areas that is none other than chemistry it is a specific subject in science. I read science till my matriculation.

That’s the reason that I have much knowledge about this. I like chemistry because it gives me a fuller understanding of the natural world by teaching me a periodic table, mole concept and atom theory. It tells me about the chemical reaction, and it can also assist me in learning about the world around me. Apart from it, everything is comprised of chemicals; for instance, in cooking, baking soda is a primary component that reacts with the acid in the recipe and helps the material to rise when heated.

Additionally, taking a chemistry class will allow me to fathom other areas of science. Because of the reactions, I like chemistry well. Therefore that’s the area that interests me alot.

Follow-ups of Describe an Area of Science (Physics, Psychology, and So On) That Interests You

Question 1:– What is the best invention in the past 100 years?

Answer:- Well, in a century mobile phone is a great invention because it has achieved widespread remarkability in the present scenario.

Question 2:– What is the influence of science on human life?

Answer:- After the science, the work of humans is quite easy and very convenient for them

Question 3:– Do you think it is mandatory to teach science in schools?

Answer:- Yes, because science is considered a substantial subject because it helps a person to explore the world as well as to fathom the living antibodies

Question 4:– Do you think children love to learn science nowadays? Why?

Answer:- Well, it relies upon the prospects of a person that they have a keen interest in learning science or not.

Question 5:– What are the modern methods of teaching science subjects to children?

Answer:- With the present developments, there are several ways to teach students science, such as educational apps internet and so forth.

Question 6:– Are they effective? Why do you think so?

Answer:- Yes, it is effective because it helps children to increase interest because they like modern technology.

Question 7:– Do you think that museums help to educate children about science? Why?

Answer:- Yes, because children learn science from the museums because in museums they see ancient things and get knowledge and try to explore more that is the area of science.

Question 8:– In your daily life, where can you see or practice science?

Answer:- In everything, we can see science because everything is comprised of science like humans body, speed of the car or in cooking we see chemical reactions.

Question 9:– Are all mysteries solved by science?

Answer:- Probably not because there are many areas that are not explored yet.

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