Describe experience of teaching friend or family member

Describe experience of teaching friend or family member

You should say:

  • Whom you taught?

  • When it was?

  • What subject you taught ?

  • and explain how you felt about teaching this friend or family member?¬†Describe experience of teaching friend or family member

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. Life is full of challenges and every step is ever harder than before. But it is also true that every challenge comes with new opportunity and that opportunity gives you a chance move forward in your life. I have completely faced it in my life when I was in +2 standard.

I thought that I can do anything except teaching to anyone. Because it was so difficult for me to be their idol and teach them as a friend for their efficient learning at the same time. But one of my cousin who was studied in 10th standard, asked me to teach him Math as he knew that Math is my favorite subject and I got full marks in my 10th standard. So, he thought that it will become as easy as pie to pass in exam if he takes a tuition of Math from me.

Describe experience of teaching friend or family member

But I refused him to do so because I didn’t have any experience to teach anyone so I didn’t have an idea that how can be taught efficiently. But he didn’t give up and started convincing me to teach him. Few time later, when he didn’t stop convincing me, I never left any option. So, I finally agreed to teach him.

Furthermore, it was like that I learn in my 10th standard again. I taught him in interesting way that I used to learn in my time. It was really a fruitful time for him because with the way of my teach, he found the Math so simple and then he got un-expected marks in exam. It was also an amazing time for me because from that time to till now, I taught so many students without any hesitation and nervousness. Now, I feel so optimistic while teaching and it has become one of my interesting hobby. This is just because of that day. It came in my life with an opportunity by which I got a chance to improve myself professionally as well as mentally.

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