Describe an Item on Which You Spent More than Expected (3) (1)

Describe an Item on Which You Spent More than Expected

Describe an item on which you spent more than expected. You should say

  • What it is?
  • How much did you spend on it?
  • Why did you buy it?
  • And explain why you think you spent more than expected.

Sample Answer of Describe an Item on Which You Spent More than Expected

In the modern era, money plays the most important role in the life of human beings. Money is becoming special instead of other things. Here I would talk about an item on which I spent more money than expected. About six months ago, I had been spending my summer vacations at home. One day, I was gone outside with my family. At this place, my mobile phone was stolen. At that time, I was decided to bring a new cellphone. I was expecting that amount of new smartphones could be 16000 rupees, and I took the exact amount with me and went towards the market. When I have visited the shop for Mobile phones, and I found that the amount of new iPhone was 19000 rupees, then I was shocked after listening exact amount. So, I have spent 19000 rupees on it because I had any chance, and I always wanted to purchase this iPhone because this look was very beautiful and a number of apps are available on it. When l came back home, I thought that I spent 3000 more on the new iPhone than the expected amount because I took that amount from my friend and I wanted to give back that money within two days. Finally, I became successful in bringing a new iPhone.

Follow-ups of Describe an Item on Which You Spent More than Expected

Question 1:- Do you often buy more than you expected?

Answer- Mostly, I am not often buying more than expected, but sometimes situations force me to spend more money. There are a number of reasons to spend more. Firstly, many things look very beautiful and always force me to spend more.

Question 2:- What do you think young people spend most of their money on?

Answer- In the modern era, young people spend more money on different dresses, on headphones etcetera. In my opinion, young people should not spend more money on these things because It gives birth to some problems like wastage of money.

Question 3:- Do you think it is important to save money? Why?

Answer- Yes, obviously, saving money is a most important key factor for everyone in his life because it proves very beneficial. Saving money can be helpful in difficult situations such as floods, drought conditions, etcetera. In these situations, only saving money can help us.

Question 4:- Do people buy things that they don’t need?

Answer- No, people buy only those things which they have need. If they buy some without need, then these things always stand at one place, and a lot of dust is gathering there, and when they have a need to these things then at that time, these are completely disabled for using due to dust gathering in small portions.

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