Describe an Occasion when You Ate Something for the First Time

Describe an occasion when you ate something for the first time

  •  When you had it?
  •  Where you ate it?
  •  What was it?
  •  And how you felt about it?

Sample Answer of Describe an Occasion when You Ate Something for the First Time

I would like to talk about an occasion which was held 5 years back that was my engagement. During my engagement time, I felt so tired and hungry because there are rituals that we should not eat until the completion of our engagement ceremony. Later on after the engagement, my father bought one sweet which was already ate by all and heard that it was very tasty that they have never eaten.

So after the engagement around 3 pm, I and my husband had that sweet in my engagement hall. It was made of ghee with milk cowa and it consists of all varieties of dryfruits. And special in that sweet is we have to eat when it is hot. Otherwise, We can miss the feel and taste of the sweet.

I didn’t really remember the name of the sweet but it is related to cowa family which is made of milk.

After eating the sweet I totally forgot hungry as well as tiredness and whilst eating every spoon we enjoyed it a lot. It was the delicious food I have eaten.

 Follow-Ups Describe an Occasion when You Ate Something for the First Time

Question 1. Do you like to try new food?

Answer:- Yes certainly, I use to try new items which were already tested by someone because I should not spoil my taste buds. So generally, I try new items after tasting by someone and after taking a review from them.

Question 2. What kinds of foreign foods are popular in your country?

Answer:- As there are a lot of foods popular in my country depends on regions. Foreign foods are also encouraging nowadays such as chineese foods like noodles, soups. Do you like to cook at home?

Question 3. Is it expensive to eat out in your country?

Answer:- To be honest, it is very cheap like chips to dine out in my country. Cheap items with good quality of food available in India. So there is no doubt that every person either poor or rich can eat out.

Question 4. What’s the difference between Indian food and western food?

Answer:- Well, as I said nowadays Indians are tasting every kind of food. They are not seeing what kind of food it was. But Indian food can easily digestible and good for health. But western food is not good for health because all kinds of western foods is a mix of maida

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