Describe decision made in family you disagreed with

Describe decision made in family you disagreed with

You should say:

  • Who made this decision?

  • What it was?

  • How you expressed your disagreement?

  • And explain why you disagreed with this decision?

Describe decision made in family you disagreed with

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. I belong to joint family. As there is strong bonding in my family, so, everything is done after the agreement of every person of my family. But there were some situations when it became difficult to pursue everyone for same decision. I would like to talk about a time when I passed my undergraduate course and wanted to do graduation in commerce. After under graduation result, at night, while taking dinner, my father decided to send me in our city’s college for Bachelor arts education. I became shocked after listening this and my mind got stuck.

Moreover, I tried to discuss my opinion about further study in front of them that I want to do Bachelor in commerce. While my father declined my decision and asked me to follow his decision. He also told me that you are not doing study for getting any government job while this was just for gaining knowledge so that you can become able to run my business successfully. Describe decision made in family you disagreed with

Furthermore, my elder brother also handling our family business but I was not interested to do that. That’s why I went to my father again, in the next morning with hope that I will convenience my father. I told him that I want to complete my dreams with full of efforts. Well, after this my father became displeased with me because I refused his decision which I never did it before. Then, the atmosphere became silent at the moment and I seemed that I made a huge mistake by refusing father’s decision and by sharing my dream. So, all the member started looking at me like I had done any crime.

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