Government Should Provide Free Housing for Everyone

As housing is a basic need for people, the government should provide free housing for everyone who can’t afford it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Every human being needs three basic life house, clothes, food. I totally agree with this point that government should provide the house to the needy people have not to roof on their own head.


Firstly, Bank sector has to provide low-interest rate loan to the poor people In current scenario bank is demanding more document to fulfil the requirement for the home loan and this category many will be not eligible for a home loan. For instance, a lower-income person has to fill the income tax just because he can apply for a home loan.


Secondly, Government should free interest loans to each and every person in the country who is without a home; moreover, the government will help this scheme through NGO’s to give people benefits. For example, many NOG’s are working to help the poor; they are giving free interest loans on a yearly and monthly instalment basis. Also, they will provide free bank facilities and guidelines for the home loan process.

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Lastly, Government has to launch a scheme for everyone who could not buy a home directly or indirectly from the bank. They should provide an easy documentation process for a home loan so that the poor and every individual can benefit from government schemes. For example, the Indian government announced a home scheme for every citizen; any citizen can apply who have no single home in their name.


In Conclude, House is a basic thing, and government should give some easy way to provide each and every citizen of the country, especially villagers, with a lower income rate.

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