In Some Countries, Owning a Home Rather than Renting One Is Very Important for People

In Some Countries, Owning a Home Rather than Renting

In some countries, owning a home rather than renting one is very important for people. Why might be this the case? Do you think this is a positive or negative situation?

All over the world, almost every creature need shelter to live and do the things as they want without any disturbance. Likewise, human beings also need to have a house to enjoy their time with family and friends.

We have an option to rent and own a home. Being a tenant in a rental house is cost-effective in most of the cases such as house tax, water tax and some more. Because it is not necessary to pay for such things as we are not owning the home. On the other hand, we need to pay a considerable amount in certain scenarios like electricity bill and maintenance cost which is more than the normal rate based on the owner’s agreement. Also, we have a lot more restrictions while making some changes in the interior parts as per our convenience. Some people will allow the alterations. But in most cases, they don’t. Even we can not party with friends and could not enjoy as per our likings. Finally, some owners never allow pets in their apartments.

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However, we do not bother about anything if you have your own home. As per our wishes, we can live our life without any disturbance. Same way, we can enjoy and everything in our home without any restrictions. We can paint the walls as per our taste. That will enhance our mood without knowing to us. Some colourful paintings bring joy and we can enjoy and celebrate the festivals without any issues. Before buying our own house, we should consider some of the important things which we need to sacrifice some amount of money for our happiness and related to the taxes which should be paid to the government. Every year, we have to save money for home maintenance as well. Spending money in our own house will not be an issue for people.

In my aspect, owning a house is a positive situation where everybody has the desire to get the property even if it is small or luxurious. To achieve that, it needs a lot of hard work and perseverance. Obviously, we should encourage their definite goals. Also, they have to pay taxes which increases the government revenue to maintain the cities in the proper manner. Perhaps, that is a positive note from the country development perspective.

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