Jeans & Walking Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers

Jeans & Walking Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers. These Are the IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics and Questions on General Topics about Your Life. Your Answers Will Be from Your Life and Experience.

Jeans & Walking Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers

Question 1. Do your wear jeans?

Answer – Yes, jeans are one of my favourite clothes, and whenever I wear jeans, my friends always compliment me.

Question 2. How often do you wear jeans?

Answer – As I said before, jeans are my favourite, and I wear them almost every day.

Question 3. Do you like wearing jeans, why?

Answer – Yes, I like wearing jeans because whenever I wear them, I feel comfortable and comfortable clothes that also help me look beautiful.

Question 4. Why do you think jeans are popular?

Answer – Jeans are popular because of many reasons. Firstly, it is very comfortable to wear. Secondly, they are available at cheaper rates and lastly, we can wear them with any t-shirt or tops.

Question 5. Do you walk a lot?

Answer – Yes, I like to walk most of the time because it is a type of exercise which keeps us healthy and fit.

Question 6. Do you walk more than in the past?

Answer – Precisely, I walk more now than in the past as I am a student and commute through buses, and I am preparing for my IELTS from an institute which is 2 3 km away from the bus stop, so to reach there, I had to walk a lot every day.

Question 7. Where do you usually take a walk?

Answer – I also go for a walk in a park which is in the centre of my village as the environment there is quite peaceful.

Question 8. Do you think people will walk more in the future?

Answer – Yes, I think that people will walk more in the future to remain healthy and fit ahead.

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