Talk about a Time where You Had Kept a Promise

Talk about a Time where You Had Kept a Promise

Talk about a Time where You Had Kept a Promise

  • how did you make it happen?
  • Reason for keeping a promise?
  • How was the experience?

Sample Answer of Talk about a Time where You Had Kept a Promise

Well, I personally believe that making promises is the backbone of every relationship. I made a promise to my friends and my family members. But, today, I would like to talk about a time when I promised my mother, and it happened 3 years ago. I was very used to eating fast food because I don’t follow a balanced diet at that time so, I gain weight. My mother is very depressed about me, and one day, she showed me videos about junk food and showed the bad consequences regarding unhealthy food.

After watched all videos, I was crying because my look was not beautiful, and I have no confidence to stand in front of anyone. So my mother told me you lose weight, but you made me promise you to stop the unhealthy food and take a balanced diet. I made a promise to my mother at that time, but it was challenging for me because, in the first week, I face very problems due to the fact, I have a craving of eating junk food, but with time, I started a gym, and I feel more energetic and avoid fast food.

I take a properly balanced diet according to my mother’s plan, and I lost almost 12 kg. Honestly speaking, it was a challenging and fascinating experience in my life, but now I feel healthy and fit. I have a perfect diet plan for my daily life. So now I thanks my mother if I don’t make a promise at that time. I was totally spoiling my life, and I don’t like my appearance now.

Follow-ups Talk about a Time where You Had Kept a Promise.

Question 1 Generally speaking, do Indian parents make a promise to children?

Answer – Yes, Indian parents promise their children that they gain good marks in their studies and follow a healthy diet plan. Moreover, they make a promise with their children if you learn new skills I provide you with some new gifts and games with kids this kind of promises they make with their children.

Question 2 Do children make a promise to their parents?

Answer – Yes mostly children make a promise with their parents if they get good marks in the study then parents buy new games as well as if they achieve a good grade in games parents provide extra pocket money with this kind of promise children made with their parents.

Question 3 Do most people fulfil their promises?

Answer – Honestly speaking, I like to fulfil my promise when I made with someone because I think if we fulfil our promise, our relationship and bonding with another person are strong, and promise is a strengthening of any relationship, but if I talk about people I think most people fulfil their promises.

Question 4 How do you feel when others break their promises?

Answer – I feel terrible and sad at that time when someone does not fulfil their promises because I think it creates some misunderstanding in any relationship, so this kind of thing does not happen if you made a promise to someone. This is your responsibility to fulfil it.

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