One of Your Pen Pals Will Shortly Be Visiting Your City (1)

One of Your Pen Pals Will Shortly Be Visiting Your City

One of your pen pals will shortly be visiting your city. For some reason, you can not manage to meet him at the airport on time. Write a letter asking him to wait for you at the airport and tell him how to identify you.

Dear Michel

I hope this letter meets you well. I am writing to inform you about the slight change in our planned schedule as we have discussed earlier that l will be accompanying you at the airport’s international arrival terminal as soon as your plane lands.

Unfortunately, l have found me in an unpleasant situation for a reason. My immediate boss is out of town on an official assignment and has delegated all task responsibilities in my care. However, l have assigned the task to my subordinate but needs to monitor them effectively though currently work in progress, and all hands put on deck to ensure the successful completion of the projects.

I am so sorry, l will be coming late to the airport. I will be available around 12noon to see you as planned. I will be sitting in the Starbucks coffee shop. I am wearing a blue suit with an eyeglass. Or, as an alternative, you can forward to me your check-in hotel address and room number for easy location.

Once again, l am sorry for any inconveniences caused by my action. Please kindly bear with me.

Hope to see you soon

Yours faithfully,

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