Some Countries Are Considering Imposing Curfews in Which Teenagers

Some countries are considering imposing curfews in which teenagers will not be allowed outdoors at night unless they are accompanied by an adult. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this policy?

Some governments are considering to foist the restrictions on teenagers that would require them to be in the presence of an adult after a particular time. I utterly agree with this notion that the violence against children and crime rates has been escalating in every country, mostly at night, apart from that lack of supervision from the adults might, in turn, trap the teenagers in uncalled activities.

Primarily, instituting curfew regulations or requiring a presence of an adult during the night make the teenagers more protective and provide a feeling of being protected. The crime rate and outbreaks of violence have been increasing over the countries, and the fact that young people are more targeted as they are considered to be more vulnerable. In my own experience, one day when I completed my tuition I was walking alone way to my home suddenly an old man who was sitting near to a street tree started to follow me. I was scared because when I increased my speed, he also started to speed up his walk. Finally, when my father showed up, he ran away. For example, in the current statistics of the crime rates, the majority of crimes are committed by youngsters than adults because it is really easy to manipulate their mindset.

Secondly, the contemporary life of teenagers consists of spending entire nights with friends partying or roaming on the streets, which in turn make them do vigorous, adventurous activities because they are always geared by peers. Moreover, the supply of alcohol and other substances during these gatherings eventually make them an addict. For example, it is often seen that due to the over enjoyment or loss of control on themselves leads to a set of horrifying events like throwing people into pools for fun which can cause death if they do not know swimming. However, it is true that imposing the regulations on certain age groups makes them more fragile and delicate, but without these restrictions, the youngsters utterly will deviate from real normal life.

In conclusion, a few nations forcing curfew on teenagers that they require an adult during the night. I firmly agree with this wishful notion as the teenage age group is more vulnerable to certain things which cannot be entertained, so accompanying the parents or elders can protect you, haters, to an extent only.

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