Some Feel that Schools Should Be Mixed with Both Girls and Boys Attending While Others Feel the Genders Ought to Be Separated

Some feel that schools should be mixed with both girls and boys attending while others feel the genders ought to be separated. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Some people sense that school should be combined with both females and males attending while others feel that the gender must be split up. I agree that both girls and boys must be combined in school attendance. This essay will discuss both viewpoints and my opinion.

First and foremost, Mixing students together in a school promotes chances for socialization. Single-sex students struggle to interact with the opposite sex after graduating. Therefore allowing the school to mixed will help the young people to gain familiarity in their younger age. For instance, I remembered in there was an inter-school debate that was organized by our district minister for both mixed and single-gender but what I noticed before the program was that those from single schools, especially the girls, were grouped at one side and felt shy to talk to another student whereas those in mixed were freely communicating with other and making friends too.

In contrast, there is a risk of encouraging intimate relationships at an early age by peer pressure and the use of the internet and social media. For example, a friend of my sister got pregnant in the middle of her education with her school mate which led her to school, drop out and early motherhood.

In conclusion, while some perceive that females and males should be combined in school attending because it promotes chances for socialization, others feel that gender must be separated since there is a risk of encouraging intimate relationships. I agree that young women and men should be in the same school because it creates an environment for socialization.

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