Talk About a Piece of Clothes that You Wore on A Formal Occasion

Talk about a piece of clothes that you wore on a formal occasion

  • What it looked like,
  • What occasion you wore it at,
  • Why you would wear it,
  • How you feel about it

Sample Answer of Talk About a Piece of Clothes that You Wore on A Formal Occasion

I have worn many formal clothes on many formal occasions, but I am going to talk about the recent one I wore last month. That was when my friend did call to bar for newly graduated lawyers at Abuja. Abuja is the federal capital of Nigeria. It was super indeed. The cloth is grown, and it was a gift from my hubby on our 7th wedding anniversary. I wore it because it was the colour of the day, black design with white and also bought by the love of my heart. It also gives me fitting, which people admires every time I put it on. And the cloth is expensive. In fact, throughout our stay in Abuja, people requested to snap a shot with me just to have the cloth. Although the cloth has been long, I feel much belonging any time I put them on.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Piece of Clothes that You Wore on A Formal Occasion

Question 1:- What kinds of clothes do people wear after work?

Answer:- Well, it depends on choice; I can say people put on easy clothes after work because they need to relax after workouts and need air.

Question 2:- What kinds of clothes should people wear at work?

Answer:- As I said previously, people need clothes that are light, depending on wheater in other to get enough air.

Question 3:- Do you think it is necessary for children to wear school uniforms?

Answer:- Yes, I believe wearing a school uniform is of utmost importance. For instance, in this part of the world, kidnapping is high; one sees someone with children at odd times should be interrogated, especially when the child is in school uniform.

Question 4:- Where do people in your country buy clothes?

Answer:- In my country, we have different places to buy clothes like an open market, shopping malls, and even politicians prefer buying outside the country believing it is best.

Question 5:- When do people wear formal clothes?

Answer:- We wear formal clothes during work, weddings, parties and many more because they want to be presentable and preserved.

Question 6:- Will the way we dress influence the way we behave?

Answer:- Well, clothes and their influences is an individual difference because some will wear nude clothes without making any impact on their attitude.

Question 7:- Do you think people need to wear formally in the workplace? Why do some people like to wear traditional clothes?

Answer:- Well, it depends on their culture because in my state we wear formal clothes all day in exception of Wednesday which we dress in traditional attires and also speak our mother tongue the same day both school, government house and what have you.

Question 8:- Why do some people like to wear traditional clothes?

Answer:- I think wearing traditional attires is where we come from, and I cherish it so much, just for one tradition not to lose value.

Question 9:- Will traditional clothes disappear in the future? Do old people change their style of dressing?

Answer:- No one can predict the future. I may say, in my own perspective, my tradition will not lose its value in future because many have predicted and failed so, in the sense that our younger ones wear our traditional wear to show their tribe and culture to the world.

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