Some People Like to Try New Things, for Example, Places to Visit and Types of Food

Some people like to try new things, for example, places to visit and types of food. Other people prefer to keep doing things they are familiar with. Discuss both these attitudes and give your own opinion.

Nowadays many people want to do adventure in their life, and for that, they try new things such as visiting new places and trying different food. And others are in opposite of this, doing the same things which they are familiar with it. There are split views of it, and before committing any view, let’s discuss both attitudes.

To support the formal view, people try new things because they want thrill in their life and many of them are foodies so they might try all the food around the globe. Furthermore trying something new bring satisfaction and relation in many life. For example, Bill Grill, an eminent person and professional hill climber, try different in their life to enjoy his life and doing this, he also makes money. So he made his passion into a business. Meanwhile, by trying some different food and places, they get to know about a different culture.

For later views, the primary reason for this view is fear. While trying some new places bring fear of getting lost or being a victim of any crime. For example, in India, four young boys went to an Indian famous forest known as the forest of Gujarat. But unfortunately, after some days local people of village find their bodies in forest and reason of death was an attack by Asian lion.

Moreover, many people do not want to try something new food because they think that they will fall into any disease, and many of them do not like to taste different tastes. To illustrate, many people have tried something new, and they hate it because of its bad taste. So for future, they will continue to food which they are familiar with it.

Thus, to conclude and give my voice. I am in favour of the formal view. However, being lost in a place which we do not know is dangerous, thrill and experience which we only get if we try some new places. Besides this, trying new food also add more things in our life, being fearful of things which did in the past can not be very efficient to us.

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