Planning for The Future

Some People Think that Enjoying the Present Is More Important than Planning for The Future

Some people think that enjoying the present is more important than planning for the future for both countries and individuals.

A significant number of people believe that appreciating the current is more imperative than forecasting the future for nations and citizens. This essay shall bring to the limelight the occurrence of this situation, and a viable conclusion shall be made.

To begin with, life is best lived when it is well planned for. Planning for the future helps to make living comfortable for a nation since governments try to capture the socioeconomic activity in its budget for the future and also help focus in that direction. For instance, the government of Ghana made this year’s budget last year for the approval of parliament in order to have a structure or policies to help or improve the livelihood of citizens during this year and also other developmental projects such as constructing means of transport such as railway lines, roads and also the building of factories, schools and stabilizing the economy through involving foreign investors across the globe.

Furthermore, once an individual has a purpose or a goal to attain, living in the present is not vital. Any purposeful or goal-driven individual will always look into the future in a broader view using the present as a stepping stone. To buttress this fact, a survey conducted by a renowned organization in my country Ghana known as Hope for the Future, projected that many successful men and women in the country attributed their accomplishments to expanding their horizon into the future by fulfilling what the present brings to them.

In conclusion, having analyzed planning and attainment of goals as the reasons for this situation, I can strongly say unequivocally that prognosticating into the future puts you on a better scale of success than flourishing in the present.

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