Some People Think that Everyone Has the Right to Have Access

Some People Think that everyone has the right to have access to university education and that the Government should make it free for all students no matter what financial Backgroud They have. to extend do you agree or disagree with this opinion. (1 July 2021 Morning)

In recent years, free university education has been a hot topic for debate. A school of thought say that regardless of student’s financial conditions, the government should make it free for all because education is the basic fundamental right of inhabitants; however, I slightly disagree with this notion which is explained in the below composition.

To begin with, it cannot be denied that many post-graduate or graduate aspirants are not able to pursue their studies just because of their inability of paying sky-high fees. Therefore, certain demographics of the society have an opinion of making it free for all citizens. Besides this, they just believe that this idea will not only solve the major problem of illiteracy but it will help many nations to generate employment. In Germany, for instance, due to the free education policy in all the major universities, the illiteracy rate is almost zero, making the employment rate an all-time high. Moreover, just for the sack of money, a brilliant and passionate mind should not be stopped from studying in college. Thus, supporters of this idea strongly believe that money should not be a hurdle in the academic career of any student and lawmakers should stop taking fees for the education.

Conversely, I slightly disagree with this idea because of multiple reasons. Firstly, in some of the developing countries, educational fees and taxes are the major sources of income for the authorities. If they remove all the fees then there would be a huge loss, increasing inflation which will make the condition even worst. Secondly, due to such relaxations, bright students from under-developed countries would undoubtedly migrate to super-power countries where they can get free education in top-notch universities. Consequently, some urban centres across the world would, unfortunately, face a shortage of skilled workers and such governments would have to pay high wages to foreign immigrants. Hence, in my view, policymakers could pass a law for free education in schools so that every student can get essential and basic education without paying any fees, but making university education free is a preposterous idea.

To conclude, although there are many advantages of making university education free, in my view, a proper background check should be done before giving any relaxation and some discount should be offered to incapable students. Apart from this, all fees should be removed from the school education and legislators should pass a mandate on it which will definitely help the entire community.

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