Some People Think the Money They Earn Should Be Enjoyed by Spending

some people think the money they earn should be enjoyed by spending it now, while others think their earnings should be saved for the future. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Some people believe in eating, drink and be merry. So they believe in spending money as soon as they earn; while, others opine that they must save money for their hard times. In my perspective, the masses should spend money wisely and they should not be extravagant so that they cannot face financial crisis in their later periods of life.\

To commence with, it is argued that people must spend the whole money that they earn. In this way, they are able to enjoy their life more. Such types of people pay more emphasis on their presents life and they do not believe in saving money for their future. They consider, they get life once so they should enjoy the present moments by throwing parties, becoming shopaholics and not having any burden on saving money for their future. For instance, Movies or Dramas have a great influence on them which show the struggle that people do in order to make both ends meet and how they sacrifice their desires? and eventually, they die without experiencing a good life. So people believe in earning and spending. They even do not make a budget and spend lavishly.

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On the other hand, there are those people, who believe in saving money for their future. They believe, if they save money today then in their later period of life, they will have no need of anybody’s mercy and they can lead their future life well. Besides, old age homes, homelessness teach them valuable lessons of life. They think a penny earned is a penny saved. If they will have plenty of wealth, then they can spend it on purchasing necessary things and they will not be a burden on others and they can raise their head high if they will be financially independent.

In conclusion, a few masses consider that money that they earn must be utilised and it should not be saved as they live in present and don’t anticipate anything about saving money for future life. But others consider saving money to handle future hurdles related to finances. They will not depend on other’s assistance and can meet their basic needs well.

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