Some Think that Ambition Is Good Quality: Writing Task 2

Some think that ambition is good quality. Is it important to be ambitious? Is it a positive or negative characteristic?

It is the mentality of few people to believe that ambition thrives towards success, and it is essential to be ambitious. While on the other end, a group of humans strictly prohibited this kind of thinking and believed it could destroy lives. I am an advocate of this quality as it acts like a seesaw weighing equally on both sides, which will be covered in this essay.

Firstly, the fundamental reason for ambition being given negative remark is that many renowned multimillionaires and successful people shared how this quality helped them reach the present stage. What they didn’t tell are the things that they have lost on this journey. For instance, a tea maker selling tea on the road became the owner of a showroom, but in this race of life, his father & mother died. If you are not spending time with your family, is it really worth becoming a millionaire? Moreover, it is the nature of humans to blindly follow the same path without thinking twice about repercussions.

In contrast to that, I believe it is a charismatic attribute which keeps us focused on reaching the peak of Mount Everest, that too without getting distracted. Once India’s former president and Metal mind of ISRO (Indian space research organization) quoted a few lines: “Dream of a goal, and let your ambition burn like fire to reach that mark”. For instance, small problems should never be given value if you need to achieve something great, and this quality of ignition is called AMBITION.

In conclusion, I believe both sides of the coin have a different story. It is up to the person what are his priorities. I strongly believe there are positive and negative effects on the quality of ambition.

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