Some Think that Quality Art Can Be Made by Anyone While Others Think (1)

Some Think that Quality Art Can Be Made by Anyone While Others Think

Some think that quality art can be made by anyone, while others think that it requires special talent and ability. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Art is the visual effect of emotions, thoughts and imaginations. It is believed by some people that art is inner talent, while another group of society contradicts this statement. However, both have their own pros and cons. This essay will elaborate on both the face it and hence will comment on my decision.

One side of the coin claims that art is a skill. Moreover, it is natural-born talent from the day one is born. For instance, Dance India Dance and so on. It is also claimed that this talent is from the genes, and with practice, it can be professionalised. Some people can feel the emotion such as dive into the grief and paint or dance such that professionals can’t do.

However, the other side of the coin claims that talent can be oiled with practice and knowledge. Many of the people in society give most of their life to the sharp edges of their artistry, for instance, Picasso as a painter and Sachin Tendulkar as a cricketer. They have practised a lot to touch the sky. Therefore, for this reason, many are on the side of the fact that it requires great practice to painting, skill and so on.

To conclude and give my opinion, I would say that inner talent is worthwhile, but for perfection, I think that practice and knowledge is required for the skill.

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