Students Should Start Work Experience Soon After College or University Examination

Students Should Start Work Experience Soon After College or University Examination or To Go for Career Advancements, Discuss Both Views and Give Your Opinion.

It is reputable that students are the role model of our nation. Nowadays, most people reckon that scholars should start work experience soon after completing college or university examination while going for further career advancement. Ten sentences to describe both views as well as I will shed some light on my opinion in the subsequent para body.

To begin with, it is better to start work straight after finishing college or university. It is easier to learn by practice rather than by learning theory. If a person wants to open their own business, the best option for them may be to start and make many atoms straight after school. For instance, some researchers consider that more than 40% of successful entrepreneurs have not finished higher education, but they are still among the richest businessmen.

Probing further, education is important that allows people to get appropriate knowledge about the subject they are fond of. Significantly not only because graduates will have a knowledge-based to start practice at work, but they may also consider their preference and choose another field of work. For example, recent research conducted found that more than 80% of graduates from higher education institutes got a well-paid jobs.

From my point of view, college or university is an integral part of humans’ life since it allows them to learn and develop their skills, and interns will make them more prepared for a successful career.

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