Talk About a Time when Your Computer Broke Down

Talk about a time when your computer broke down

  • When it was,
  • What you were doing,
  • What you did about it,
  • how you feel about it

Sample 1 Talk About a Time when Your Computer Broke Down

Computers have become an indispensable component of our daily lives. Many individuals in today’s culture believe that computers are contemporary science’s blessings that make our lives easier and more convenient. I’d want to talk about my HP laptop, which was recently damaged. I was working on a project late one night a few months back, and I was using my laptop. when laying in bed I fell asleep at my desk while working, and when I awoke the next morning, I went to turn on my laptop but there was no display, so I discovered I had left it on all night. I became concerned since it was critical to the success of my entire endeavour. After a while, I contacted my friend and told her everything that had happened. She recommended that I go to a nearby HP repair shop, which I did later that afternoon. When I arrived, a computer specialist informed me that my laptop had overheated and that several parts needed to be replaced. When I inquired how much the repair would cost, he said around 6000 rupees, which made me feel extremely horrible because I hadn’t told my parents anything about my laptop and I was worried about how I would pay for it. For me, it was an extremely difficult effort. The next day, I went to a friend and borrowed some money, which I subsequently paid to the technician, and my laptop was finally fixed, and I drew a long breath. I now take extra precautions with my laptop. My laptop had broken down at this point.

Sample 2 Talk About a Time when Your Computer Broke Down

Here, I would like to talk about my college time incident. My father purchased a new computer for us which will help us to study and do practical work. One day I was doing my homework and preparing assignments on a computer. A child of one of my cousins threw a bottle full of water on the computer. I was surprised and frightened to see this instant situation. I called a shopkeeper from where my father purchased this computer. It was under warranty, so I was able to change the screen without any charge. From till now, I have been very caring about everything, especially electronic appliances when children are surrounded.

Follow ups Talk About a Time when Your Computer Broke Down

Question 1:- What do people use computers for?

Answer 1:- In today’s world, as time passes and technology advances, the usage of electronic gadgets to acquire information is fast rising. Individuals utilised the internet to communicate, save and calculate data, and write large papers several times when they only needed to write it once. Others use computers for pleasure purposes, such as playing games, watching movies, and listening to music.

Answer 2:- People usually use the computer for office work and their personal work also.

Question 2:- Should students be allowed to use computers at school?

Answer 1:-Yes, computers should be permitted in schools since they provide several benefits to kids. Because they will have easy access to computers, students will be able to prosper. Students will take better notes and be more organised with their schoolwork thanks to the laptops. Furthermore, using computers in the classroom would allow students to take notes more quickly; on the other hand, taking notes on paper is exhausting.

Answer 2:- Yes, students should be permitted to use computers and school. So they don’t need to face any problems when they join college or companies.

Question 3:- What do you think of people who are addicted to computers?

Answer 1:-People that are computer addicted, in my opinion, spend most of their time on computers because they are overly reliant on them. Those who are lonely, timid, easily bored, or have another addiction or impulse control issue, in my opinion, are more prone to computer addiction. Families have gotten more nuclear in recent years, which is one of the primary reasons why people become hooked.

Answer 2:- It’s good to be the excel about technology, but nowadays people are becoming addicted to technology. I think they should understand it.

Question 4:- Do you think computers make our life simpler or more complex?

Answer 1:-Our lives have altered dramatically with the invention of technology and computers. Although it is true that computers may be used in harmful ways, I believe that there are much more benefits than drawbacks, and computers have unquestionably made life simpler for everyone. Access to information has grown much easier because to computers.

Answer 2:- It depends on how you are using the computer. Some people use the computer for hacking, damaging data and illegal purposes if you are using the computer for learning and work purposes so it can make your life easy.

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