Many Young People Today Know More About International Pop or Movie Stars than About Famous People (1)

Many Young People Today Know More About International Pop or Movie Stars than About Famous People

Many young people today know more about international pop or movie stars than about famous people in the history of their own country. Why is this? What can be done to increase young people’s interest infamous people in the history of their country?

Nowadays, young people are more interested in international movie stars than in their own country. And government and individuals has many parts to play in other to avert it.

Firstly, the reason why children of this generation put interest in foreign movies starts is because of deprivation of rights. Most country has depression their young ones in such a way that they have lost interest in anything in that state. For instance, in Nigeria, they pushed their young men and women that they had no right to voice their minds, no right to be involved in politics and in policymaker. They want them to give up in silence without voicing their minds out. So in that way, there’s nothing that can sweeten their hearts about the country. On the other hand, unorganized society, where two people will come out of school, one with a lower grade will get the highest job due to what they describe as a federal character, whereas the other with a first-class will become a driver because he has no one in government. So it will sweeten the minds of youth about a country like this.

Secondly, government and individuals have many things to do, and in fact, the government should enact a strong committee that will monitor affairs of government and certificate maps out for any kind of job. And those in committee should be guided by strong law concern corruption, and anyone default will be treated according to law. And if possible, a fingerprint should be included in certificates. Then on the part of individual parents should start at the earliest age to inculcate to their kids that our own is our own. That how you made your bed, so shall you lie on it. I believe this will help in keeping things from our country secured, knowing that we have no other place to call ours if everyone from grassroots can sense that, in fact, we have a better world to live in.

In conclusion, for young people to develop an interest in their country government and individuals should join hands together and make it happen.

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