Talk About a Useful Piece of Equipment, Not the Computer that You Use at Home

Talk about a useful piece of equipment, not the computer that you use at home

  • What it is,
  • How you use it,
  • How often you use it,
  • Why it is important

Sample Answer of Talk About a Useful Piece of Equipment, Not the Computer that You Use at Home

There are many types of equipment in my home, but here I would like to talk about a smartphone which is really very beneficial for me because I use my smartphone to attend my online session, which really helped me to gain knowledge. Due to the corona pandemic, all the dynamics of education policy has changed, and it really helped me because all my classes were held online, and also I used this smartphone to gain knowledge from YouTube and from many other apps.

This phone is a really crucial part of my life. The best thing is that I can also use this to work for many organizations that paid me a high amount of salary. Also, there is a vacuum cleaner on my premises which decrease the time to clean my house because our house really gets dusty in just a couple of days. We also use this one day before an occasion because in India people usually want tidiness on the festival. So these types of appliances are there in my house.

Follow ups Talk About a Useful Piece of Equipment, Not the Computer that You Use at Home

Question 1:- How do you think modern technology has changed the way we work (compared to the past)?

Answer – Modern technology has made a lot of changes in our working situation because nowadays people usually like to work from home by sitting in their comfort zone but when we talk about the past people they were habitual to do offline mode task. Another thing is that we can travel long distances in just a few minutes and past people usually had great difficulty to reach their destination.

Question 2:- Do you think that operating equipment at work can ever have some bad effect on the body?

Answer – Definitely, operating equipment may have a health hazard. If someone doesn’t know how to operate particular equipment, he or she may be released some types of poisonous gases which will put life in danger of so many employees also a piece of particular equipment may be blast by constantly using.

Question 3:- Do you think it’s important for employees (in-industry) to be trained to use the equipment at work?

Answer – It’s very to be trained employees that how to use equipment because when they know how to operate, they can able produce more output and they can increase their efficiency to operate machines.

Question 4:- Do you agree that older people have difficulties in using (advanced) modern equipment? How can we help elderly people to use these modern devices?

Answer – Yes, older people have very difficulty operating modern devices because they don’t know how to operate computerized device. They had the least knowledge about these types of equipment, but on the other hand, new generation people had more information about technology so that’s why they can easily operate types of appliances.

Question 5:- Are there any disadvantages of using modern equipment too much in the home?

Answer – There are many advantages of using modern devices. First of all, it will consume less time as compared to all old devices, and the other thing is that they are more safe and easy to operate.

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