Talk About an Old Person You Know and Respect

Talk about an old person you know and respect

  • Who he or she is?
  • How do you know this person?
  • What he or she is like?
  • why do you respect him or her?

Sample Answer of Talk About an Old Person You Know and Respect

I believe every old person deserves respect, and make sure they get that respect without even asking that. Here I am talking about an old person who was my grandfather. I really admire him and give him that respect which I believe he deserves. He gave me the best advice of my life on how to move ahead in life and never look back on what happened in the past. I really copied his lifestyle, but I couldn’t do that because he was perfect in his life. He makes the right decision for everyone. He is like my superhero, and he really loved me because I am his first grandchild. I am respected because he was a great personality and a perfect man in his life, not because he was my grandfather. I learned a lot of things from him.

Follow-ups of Talk About an Old Person You Know and Respect

Question 1. What qualities does a person need to have to take care of old people?

Answer- I think the person has patience and has some ethics in his life to take the old person because the old person needs nothing to expect respect, and with these qualities, a person can easily take care of an old person. Like my father, he can easily take care of his father.

Question 2. Do you think old people should be taken care of at home?

Answer- Yes, I strongly believe every old person should be taken care of at home with his family members and enjoy the rest of life and spend a great time because at old age home they did not properly take care of an old person.

Question 3. How can people in the neighbourhood help the elderly during an epidemic?

Answer- In my neighbourhood, people are very generous, especially my mother. They can take care of an old person like a family member. They provide food items which they can go outside to purchase during an epidemic. Like last month when the dengue is spread in my city, so my neighbours purchased the food and vegetables for them and provided them at their homes.

Question 4. Do you see this kind of help occurring in your neighbourhood?

Answer- yes, I have seen a lot type of help occurring in my area because it is very important to help old people sometimes we arrange a little function for them. I remember last year our neighbours organised a little occasion for them and provided the food for them.

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