Talk about your favorite festival.

Talk about your favorite festival. You should talk about :

  • When it is held?
  • Whether it is national or international?
  • How it is celebrated?
  • Why you like it so much?

Well if you ask me. I say  The country has many festivals are celebrated. where people of different religions live together. So there are lots of festivals that people are celebrating. But My favorite festival is Diwali in all festivals that is celebrated all over India among people different religions and customs. Diwali is the festival of lights and candles.

This festival normally celebrates last week of the month of October or the first week of the month of November. Before Diwali, most people clean and neat our homes, shops, and offices. On the day of Diwali people decorates our shops, homes, and office with the help of lights and lamps and also different material inside and outsides. This day we exchange old utensils from the Market. On this day we buy new dresses and more necessary things in their homes.

The main night of Diwali with the darkest and new moon night of the Hindus Calender month called Kartika. According to me Mostly people enjoy this festival very much Normally Children more enjoy the festival of Diwali. It is trusted that on this day. Rama a Hindu God Came back to India after defeating Ravana a demon. It was also the end of his 14 years of exile. They participate in family Prayers to Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and prosperity. after Prayers, a family entertainment including delicious sweets begins.

Diwali is important to me this day we exchange to gifts to relatives and close friends. At night we burn the crackers with our friends.  I love Festival of Diwali. I fully enjoy that day very much.

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