Talk about situation you taught something to someone

Talk about situation you taught something to someone

  • What the situation was?

  • What you taught?

  • Who this person was?

  • and explain how this might have helped the person?

Talk about situation you taught something to someone

Thank you for giving me such an interesting topic. Well, I am a kind of person with full of humanity, I love to teach people as many as I can. Actually, helping others provide me real peace. There were numbers of times I helped people in different situations. But, today, I would like to talk about an incident happened in my school time. I remember, it was the time, when we were given task to make a presentation on famous business personality in our country.

Avneet was my school best friend and he belonged to poor family. So, he didn’t have computer at his home. Even, he didn’t know how to use the computer. As, he was my best friend so, I decided to help him although I had helped him many times before. Then, I invited him at my home to teach him computer and helped him to make presentation as well. He was poor but I must say, he was brilliant student of our class. He learnt everything quickly and made his presentation in one day.

Moreover, I taught him for 2 hours about all the functioning of computer and presentation making software, so that he can make his presentation by himself. Then, he finish his presentation and made me surprised by making a beautiful presentation. This was the presentation which I didn’t make before. Furthermore, he performed well in the class, next day and he got 1st prize as well. He came to me give all his blessings and felt happy at that moment. So, he gave me more motivation to help others in my life.

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