Describe a problem that your friend had and you solved it

Describe a problem that your friend had and you solved it

You should say:

  • What type of problem it was?

  • Who have had this problem?

  • How you knew about it?

  • And explain how you solved it?

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. It happened a lot time that I helped my friends when they are in any kind of problem but the most of them I would like to share with you is when one of my friend forgot his mobile password. His name is Avneet. He is my friend as well as good neighbor. We spend all the time together. One day, he changed his mobile pattern for some reasons. Unfortunately, he forgot to remember how he drew the pattern because he drew it so unique and large. He go puzzle to think what he should do.

Moreover, he tried many time but didn’t get succeed in any attempt. Finally, he became sad and sat on his sofa. He wriggled to open his phone lock as he had a number of necessary files of his office in this phone. And sadly, he didn’t made backup of it before. Suddenly, he got an idea to get help of me because he knew that I have the gate and it was be. Then, he told me all his worries and asked me about the solution. I took his phone and tried to unlock it. But it didn’t work. After checking number of methods , I found that there was still a way to unlock it by using e-mail password on the behalf of unlock pattern.

Describe a problem that your friend had and you solved it

Furthermore, I asked about his mail Id and password and filled up all the details. Fortunately, It was unlocked after a lot of worries and using alternatives. He started jumping with full of happiness and hugged me. He became extremely ecstatic after see his mobile unlocked. Immediately, I changed the mobile pattern and set a new password for him. He started thanking me a lot. Actually it seemed as he got big victory. And his happiness gave me more motivation to help others and gave real peace as well.

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