The Chart Below Shows Information About the Challenges People Face

The chart below shows information about the challenges people face when they go to live in other countries. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The chart below shows information about the challenges people face

The bar graph gives information about the proportion of people who faced problems when they got transferred from one country to another.

Overall, it is clear from the given graph that the below mid -30s age group had higher issues.

As per the illustration, the age group from 18 to 34 had greater difficulty in making friends, that is 46%. Under same age group, the nearly same ratio of people finds it difficult to find the place to stay and 29% find the language problems. Maximum people(39%) had accommodations issues at 35 -54 years old. Moreover, the language and friend-zone troubles ratio were nearly similar, that is 36%.

The people over 50 years old had maximum(54%) troubles while communicating with locals. In the same group, almost 22 per cent have obstacles in finding a home, while 23 per cent have issues in friendship with peers.

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