The Charts Below Show the Figure for Hours of Work per Week in The Industrial

The charts below show the figure for work hours per week in the industrial sector in four European countries in 2002. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main characteristics, and compare with the corresponding ones.

The charts below show the figure for hours of work per week in the industrial

The workers per week have done the bar graphs present how many hours work among European countries in 2002. The statistics have been provided among countries like France, Denmark, Sweden, and The UK over time.

To begin with, the number of employees working in the first three weeks is almost the same in 4 countries. The average hours worked varies from 10 to 20. There is not much change that can be identified among the first 3 weeks. However, in the 3rd and 4th week the percentage of workers is inclined to a noticeable mark. In France, during the 4th week, 50 per cent of the total worker had worked around 31 to 35 hours a week. But, in the remaining countries, the percentage is significantly low compared to France by varying from 10 to approximately 35.

In addition to it, in the fifth category, Sweden competes against all other countries by ranking the highest percentage with 80. This is followed by Denmark, France, and The UK with 70, 50, 50 respectively. And there is a sudden fall in the workers who have been working in the last 3 weeks with the time period from 41- 50+ hours a week. Employees seem it difficult to work for long hours in a week. The average time that an individual will work flawlessly is 31- 40 hours a week. This further can be explained like working 5 to 6 hours a day. Though initially, France topped with highest no of worker, Sweden took it over and is ahead from France with 10%.

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