There Is Little Difference in The Shops Now Operating in Various Nations

There is little difference in the shops now operating in various nations. Some people think this is a positive development, while others believe it is a negative one. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

The method of operating shops in the present day is taking a different dimension. The majority of shops are now experiencing a change in many countries. It is opined by some people to be a positive phenomenon while others agree that it has a negative impact. This belief may be a good trend but has been taking a toll on some local businessmen and women.

On the first note, shops are now becoming a variety of stores where you can procure basic household necessities all at once. This is because shop owners now stock different types of items that people need. For example, Shoprite in Nigeria now grants opportunities to shoppers to buy whatever products they need at once and at a reasonable price without necessarily going back and forth. As a result of this, the majority of the public now prefer to shop with them as it is less stressful and efficient.

However, local shop owners who are not buoyant enough are losing their customers. This occurrence is because they could not afford to establish big stores and stock them up with a variety of goods. Due to this fact, many local traders are struggling to make a living. An instance is the number of local shops that have folded up since the emergence of shopping malls in South Africa. This is a negative impact on the lives of people who are in the middle or low socioeconomic status as the poverty level keeps rising among this group.

In conclusion, operations of shops in our nations are making a living easier for shoppers but having a negative effect on local shop owners in the countries. This trend will increase more poverty levels in the country and therefore should be reviewed and adjusted as necessary.

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