Violence in Society Increases when More Violence Is Shown on Television

Violence in society increases when more violence is shown on television. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

We all know that the addiction to watching television has been growing rapidly in the last decade. I have felt that television serials are showing more topics connected to various crimes, and people also like to watch this. There are some serials and series which are telecasting new crime scenes every day. Moreover, these serials are telecasting without any age restrictions. As a result, children are growing by watching this bad serial, and they don’t feel wrong to commit any crime. I have seen lots of cases where teenagers are criminals. In a piece of recent news, there is a case where 2 teenage girls tried to steal a delivery guys car when the driver was holding the door, and they drove the car at a breakneck speed, and in the end, the old delivery guy lost his life. This kind of criminal activity must be learned by watching television.

Televisions are showing violated serial people watch this and learn from it. They get ideas and motivation to commit crimes. Additionally, they can make a plan to commit any crime by watching these kinds of shows, for example. When one thinks to do a crime, they can watch any serial and get the idea of how criminals started crime and what was their strategy. After watching how police caught criminals, they received ideas about what mistakes they should avoid. People who are not criminals commit crimes for the reasons like unemployment to get an act of revenge. These kinds of people don’t have any idea about the crimes, because they were watching violated serials, they get an idea and motivation.

To conclude, I would like to say and TV Channels should ban or stop telecasting violated tv serials. Because numbers of unlawful activities are increasing every day, one of the main reasons for that is a violated TV serial.

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