You Would like to Work in a Different City to Be Closer to Your Family

You would like to work in a different city to be closer to your family. Write a letter to your employer to request a transfer to another office. In the letter:

  • Explain why you would like to move.
  • Request that your employer places you in a specific city.
  • Request that it be completed by a certain date.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing this letter to you to make an earnest request for transferring me to the head office in Chandigarh in order to take care of my old parents at home.

To be honest, prior to making this decision of relocation, everything was going well. However, the sudden illness of my mother made me worried about her health as she is too weak to walk. Besides, there is no other person except my father, who is also too old to bring grocery items.

Would you be kind enough to put me in the head office Chandigarh? I have been working in your Jack and John company for many years and I have a great contribution to flourishing this company online and offline. There will be no effect on my work as my responsibilities are greater at a new head office and being appointed as a senior manager, I am more responsible and answerable to you.

I would like you to make this decision as early as possible because my mother, though, is recovering but she feels isolated and depressed. I hope you will consider my contribution dedication and punctuality and make a decision in favor of me before 15th May so that I can resume my services at new head office on time.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours faithfully,

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