Describe one of your childhood activities

Sample 1 ( Hide and Seek Game )

Well, childhood is the most precious period in everyone’s life. To be honest with you, I enjoyed my childhood and I remembered that I did so many activities during my childhood such as playing outdoor sports, video games, ludo, dancing and so on. However, top of it, I used to spend my most of time to playing hide and seek game.

I vividly remembered that, after schooling, this was the prime activity which I did. I played it with my neighbourhood friends as well as my classmates. Today I explain about this game a little. Minimum 3 person or maximum unlimited persons can participate in it. In this game one player chosen to close their eyes And counting to a predetermined number such as 20, 10, 30 and so on. after reaching this number, he /she ask the others, for example, ready or not, can I come. If they respond yes, then the player tried to find the other concealed players.

I love to play it when I was a kid. We played it indoor as well as outdoor at my house. I tried to hide somewhere that nobody can find me. So, it was totally fun to perform these activities because through this, I had learnt so many skills which are quite fruitful for me nowadays. For instance, running, communication, teamwork, corporation and so on.

I missed my childhood period because at that time I live my life freely without worry. I had spent 2 to 3 hours daily to play this game but now I am so busy in my work so I did not have any time to perform this activity. Secondly, this is a game for the kid so I enjoyed it when I was a kid but now I play some other games such as badminton, cricket, hockey and so on. Overall, hide and Seek was my childhood favourite activity which I love to perform every day.

Sample 2 ( hopscotch board Game )

Well, I belong to a small village but this is load with greenery and plants. I had done some activities with my friends during my school days. Here I would like to talk about one of them. This activity name is hopscotch and I played it with my friends. I explain it briefly. Hopscotch game requires more than one player and I think every person maybe enjoyed it once in their life. In this game, juveniles need chalk, a rock and a sidewalk to draw hopscotch board on the floor. Squares can be extended from 1 to 9. It is common to take turns in this activity.

In the starting of this game, the player tosses the Rock in the first box of hopscotch board. Then, he or she hops to the next square his or her feet till the end of the board. After it, when a player reaches at the end, then he or she turns back from where this game starts. In addition, when he or she comes back to what Hopscotch’s first square, that player has to balance his field pick up a rock. And then he or she goes outside from hopscotch board. The player plays it continuously from the first square to the last square.

It is one of my favourite childhood activities which I enjoyed in my childhood. I like it till now because of this game, I became able to spend my leisure time with my friends. Sometimes I played it with my siblings. In addition, it gives me a sense of satisfaction as well as a break from my studies. Apart from it, it was a source of exercise for me which made me more energetic and strong in my childhood. In my alley, all the kids played it.

Whenever I meet with my childhood friends in the present time, then I recall my sweet memories with them which are related to this hopscotch game. They also feel happy by remembering it. All in all, this was my childhood activity which I like till now. I would love to do it again.

Follow Up Questions- Describe one of your childhood activities

What activities do juveniles like to do in school apart from studies?

Well, according to my point of view, children like to take part in competitions which school usually organizes. To add to it, they like to play with their friends during free time.

Should schools teach this activity to children?

No, such the games are not allowed in schools and it has not taught to children because teachers think that it can hurt kids. So, children play this type of games after school because their parents allow them to do so. I believe that games such as hide and seek or hopscotch help kids to improve the activities of their brain. I think it should teach to student in schools.

Do you do similar activity now?

Yes, of course, many times I play hide and seek or hopscotch with my sibling. I love this type of activities because it helps me to get a break from my busy schedule.

With whom kids like to play, old age people or persons of their age group and why?

Well, according to my point of view, children like to play with the same age group because they feel comfortable with their little friends. They come to know how they can deal with others in human society. In addition, sometimes, kids meet with those friends who have similar interests. So, this helps them to interact with their friends. I also like to play games with those persons who are in my age group.

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