Describe a Piece of News that People Are Interested in

Describe a piece of news that people are interested in

  • what the news is
  • how you know about this news
  • who is involved in this news
  • and explain why it is interesting to people

Sample Answer of Describe a Piece of News that People Are Interested in

As we already know that entire world is going through this coronavirus pandemic and we’re still fighting with it especially in India the second wave of cobit 19 damaged a lot and it took huge efforts for the Government of India to fast the vaccination process across the country now the piece of news which I heard recently was that the government is going to open brand new vaccination hospital near to my house the plot in which the local council is planning to open the hospital is actually used by the local people to dump their garbage actually it is so unfortunate that I live in the one of the Porsche area of my city and this plot has a very good location but it is being used just to throw leaders and local council recently analysed the area and they came and they did their necessary testing of the soil also which is really of a good quality so they decided that rather than wasting the land in the metro city it is far better to have a vaccination hospital over there the people in my area are really delighted to hear about this news because many of the people in my area are elderly people or generation X people who cannot go far away to the different vaccination centers but due to hit of the comet 19 they were taking auto rickshaw shows or they were taking cabs which were charging them really badly so it is a great news for them moreover as we know that for adults also the Government of India has opened the doors for the vaccination so through this hospital I think adults would also be benefited and after this vaccination drive is over the council has committed in the manifesto that they will convert this hospital into multi speciality cancer special hospitals which will really benefit all the cancer patients not only in my city but also living in my province which is highly needed and medical facilities as we all know that should be improved as much as possible we just faced this nightmare or worst nightmare of COVID-19 but too be ready of such situations in future we have to be equipped with well established medical facilities that’s what I think and this move from the government and our local council is really good and people are looking forward about this fascinating news so this news I heard and read in the newspaper

Follow-ups Describe a Piece of News that People Are Interested in

Question1. Do you read the newspaper every day?

Answer:- To tell you the truth at my home, we order different newspapers in English and in our local language to read a newspaper is my regular ritual.

Question2. What are the other sources of news in society?

Answer:- Well, this is a no brainer question as to the Internet connections, and social media networking sites have become so much popular that people see videos on YouTube or Instagram on their Facebook accounts to go through the Daily News there are also certain applications that are dedicated to the news and to elaborate it more many news TV channels and newspapers also made their applications recently so that if the citizens do not have sufficient time to go through physical newspaper, then they read them while sitting in the toilet or while travelling via train

Question3. which kinds of news do you like to read in the newspaper?

Answer:- I read Indian Express which is a really good newspaper, and I actually read editorials in it which not only mentions the problem and current affairs of the world but it also suggests some wonderful solutions to that problem because you see in this world in this fast-paced world there are many problems to human kinds, but there are few masterminds who are suggesting some great solutions to it and I am really fascinated to read them daily

Question4. Do people read newspapers where you live?

Answer:- Yes in my area people are well educated, and they are keen to know what happens around the world, so they read newspaper daily

Question5. Do people prefer local or international news?

Answer:- Well, being an enthusiastic stockbroker, I’m always inclined towards international news. I prefer to read New York Times daily, and on the other hand, I also like to read my native newspaper to get information about what is happening around me and in my surroundings.

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