If a Product Is Good and Meets Customer Needs, Then People Will Buy It and Advertising Is Unnecessary

If a Product Is Good and Meets Customer Needs

If a product is good and meets customer needs, then people will buy it and advertising is unnecessary. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In this era of marketing, advertising is one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe. Certain demographics of the society feel it is not required because they believe that good quality and appropriate products would be eventually preferred by consumers even if they are not promoted; however, I completely disagree with this notion which is explained in the below composition.

On the one hand, we have many people who support the idea of checking the quality of the product rather than just buying popular ones. It cannot be denied that wise customers do not just rely on advertising, in spite of that, they read all the ingredients and contents of the products before buying them. In this way, people who are aware of nutrition and their values would undoubtedly not require any external source of information. Moreover, many companies in every nook and corner of the world do not require any promotion because of their belief in their item. Whatsapp application, for instance, is having millions of users but never advertised. Hence, critics of advertising feel it is worthless.

On the other hand, despite the above points, I think conversely because there are many advantages of having advertisements. Firstly, in this fast-paced world, where people are rarely finding any time to meet and greet their near ones, it is quite impossible to read all the details while shopping. Advertising, indeed, helps in such situations where a product is explained from all the dynamics in half a minute. Secondly, illiterate or people staying rural areas do not much know about checking healthy nutrients and ingredients, whereas they get influenced by promotions on television networks. Thus, in my view, the advertising industry and product promotions are much needed.

To conclude, though many masterminds who read all the instructions on the goods before buying them feel that advertising is needless, publicising products has numerous benefits and must need, nowadays, where there are multiple options available for every item.

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