Describe a Time when You Watched a Live Sports Event

Describe a time when you watched a live sports event

  • When it happened
  • Where it took place
  • Who you watched it with
  • And explain how you felt about this experience

Sample answer of Describe a Time when You Watched a Live Sports Event

Participating in sports and cultural activities have always been my interest area from a very young age. During my school days, I was the captain of the volleyball team and had played even national in it though I couldn’t score a position. So being into such games, I have always dreamt of visiting a live event once in life, and I remember in the year 2019, there was the ICC World cup for cricket, and luckily one of the matches in the series was conducted in my town Mohali. I was really excited as this was a chance when I could go for my dream.

I asked my close friends to plan the trip, and all agreed. One of my friends owned a cafe in town, so he arranged for the tickets and me and my 5 friends went to see the game. As we entered the stadium, the view was mesmerizing and breathtaking. My friend tried to buy the seats near the podium from where all the players were going to come out into the field, and we all were really jumping with happiness. As we all sat there, the announcement went on that players were requested to come forward to initiate the game, and as I turned around, it was VIRAT KOHLI, the then Indian cricket team captain was coming out and waving his hand to the audience.

This was the moment when I just lost my breath. I put forward my hand in the air, and he gave a hi-five. I just can’t forget the moment—the most memorable day of my life. The team followed the captain, and there as the game started, everyone in the audience was just cheering for the team to play hard and win the match. I have never imagined such an experience in my dreams to see, but I really love the show. I really look forward to watching such events in life as the thrilling experience we get from such activities is spellbound.

Follow Up 

Question 1. What is the most popular sporting event in your country?

Answer:- Being diverse in its population, every region in my country is known for its sporting event. So just pointing to the most popular one is hard to say. So I would say cricket has got a huge number of fans, followed by football, hockey, the national game, badminton, wrestling, boxing, shooting, archery and many more.

Question 2. Why are sporting events important?

Answer:- Firstly, it’s a good career option for youth who have a keen interest in such games. Secondly, it is a pure form of stress buster for many as in this hectic schedule life, and people hardly get some time out to enjoy their life. So these events are a relaxing as well as entertainment point.

Question 3. What sort of games and sports do you take part in?

Answer:- Now, I would say, in no game as being an adult have many other responsibilities in life, but during my teen days, I was an active player. I took part in volleyball and even played nationally in it, shot put, kho kho, an Indian game. I even used to participate in running. I was a quiet player in my youth.

Question 4. What kinds of sports facilities exist in your community?

Answer:- The authorities have provided many useful facilities for those interested in playing sports. Many auditoriums and city grounds are opened to practice 24*7. Then many professionals who have retired from sports had opened sports complexes and buildings to train young ones of the country. Not only that, even sports quota has been kept in schools and colleges for those who want to represent their identity in games and sports. Even few universities provide the necessary equipment to practice the sports before taking higher training.

Question 5. Do men and women play the same kind of sports?

Answer:- I would say yes, as almost every sport now has both gender options init. Previously, women were pushed into more lightweight games where strength and opportunity were both less, but today, every game has equal exposure to both males and females. I would say sports are the rising spirits that have pushed society to raise the bar for women in this field and vanish the age-old discrimination in society.

Question 6. How do you think the government could encourage more people to exercise and participate in sport?

Answer:- Government of any country has a big responsibility to make its citizens more active and physically fit. These authorities first need to invest funds into building more parks and health facilities in the town so people can spare time to go into such places for their mental relaxation. Other than this, the youth of the society need directions from a very tender age. Schools must be authorised to push students into different sports activities. Moreover, sportspersons should be certified to advertise the importance of such activities in life. This has a direct impact on the public as millions of people follow such people.

Question 7.Do you prefer to watch sports events on TV at home or to watch them live? Why?

Answer:- This entirely depends on the situation and the circumstance in which one is. Being into a professional lifestyle, I hardly get time to move out of the town for enjoying such events and even when I get a time out, and I prefer to go for a vacation to some new place to explore it. So I would say I prefer watching the event at home as the match is clearly visible and enjoyment doubles when watching it with family members.

Question 8.What are the benefits of sport or exercise?

Answer:- There are enormous benefits, and to list down, the best is, it keeps the mental and physical health under control, and a person becomes more active eventually with regular workouts or playing any sports. Another main factor is positivity. It only comes when a person is mentally fit, and mind and soul are calm and at peace. Exercise is the best medicine as it makes the body relax and the mind fully attentive. Moreover, it entails the humans towards more success and growth.

Question 9. Does the ticket price to live sporting events affect decisions to attend?

Answer:- I would say to some extent. Many factors affect the decision to attend the event, and ticket prices are one such as with huge popularity worldwide. These organising bodies have started asking for massive amounts of money through catering and tickets. The one who can make its two ends meet would never think of attending such sporting competitions. Thus these events, today, are just for high society people who have money to spend lavishly. But I would say with advancement, and everything is available online. So anybody can enjoy the show.

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