Talk about a New Startup in the Society Cue Card

Talk about a new startup in the society cue card

  •  What do you know about the startups
  •  What are the advantages
  •  What can be the potential disadvantages

Sample Answer of Talk about a New Startup in the Society Cue Card

I would like to discuss novice start-ups in society. Daily we can see ample companies are coming to India for giving opportunities for the unemployed. For instance, a new startup company was established by my husband regarding the consultancy.

There are many consultancies available in my hometown, but they are also willing to start a new one with more merits than existing consultancies. There will be many advantages if we start up a company with zero investment without asking anyone from our family members and without applying for any loan. If we have enough knowledge in work, we are doing then obviously more benefits to our companies. Well, along with merits there will be a lot of disadvantages we have to face. If we are not having willpower and a positive attitude, more people can defeat us.

All in all, with enough knowledge, new startup companies are coming to India in every town and city.

 Follow-Ups Talk about a New Startup in the Society Cue Card

Question 1. is market research important for export business?

Answer:- Yes definitely, Without any market research we cannot achieve success. If we have correct research, we can have a blueprint of the business.

Question 2. In Busines, Do companies need to be competitive?

Answer:- Yes, Business in the sense has more competition nowadays. In terms of shares, jobs likewise many competitions are occurring within companies.

Question 3. What should be the Government’s role in how small businesses are run?

Answer:- Government authorities have to focus on small businesses. Suppose they are doing well but having less income they need to help them to succeed.

Question 4. how can Businesses benefit the community in which they are located?

Answer:- They have to give more discounts with better sales

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