Describe about Things that You Usually Do Well or Regularly for Your Job or Study

Describe Things that You Usually Do Well or Regularly for Your Job or Study

You should say:

  • What are these things?
  • How do you do it daily?
  • Explain it briefly?

Although I belong to a nuclear family that consists of 3 mentors _ my father, mother and myself. Even though by the grace of God, my both parents are very much educated, and there is a great influence of education and books in my family.

From my childhood till now, my both parents taught me numerous strategies and procedures of study well. Hence I positively implement all of them with great charm and enthusiasm. Certainly, I spend mostly 4 hours in my school or university those are around 00m till 2 p.m

Apparently, I woke up at 5 a.m and my parents have hired a personal trainer or a teacher who simultaneously provides me training in all subjects. And I regularly spend 90 minutes along with him every day.

After that, I usually check the assignment on my laptop that my teacher provided to me as homework. Before going to school or university, I love to complete my homework with great charm to keep my reputation perfect in the class. Lovingly after coming from my school or university, I love to have a deep nap for a couple of hours in my personal room.

Initially, after that, I like to tidy my whole study table and the book cabinet and the little library and my bed because sometimes I study over there by lying down. Eventually, I usually read my roaster of the subjects every day on a little calendar in my room to have a deep and perfect study of them by the good management.

Sometimes, I usually call my friends to my premises because we love to share our ideas related to education. Actually, I regularly keep my books, stationery, study lamp, gadgets, study table and better ambience of my room.

Gratefully those are the techniques I usually implement in my personal life to be a better and educated student. LBNTL those are the things that I usually regularly do for my studies or work.

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