The Expenses Per Week of a Retired Single Person

The table below shows the expenses per week of a retired single person and a couple in Australia for their comfortable lifestyle. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

The Expenses Per Week of a Retired Single Person and a Couple in Australia

Sample answer of The Expenses Per Week of a Retired Single Person and a Couple in Australia

The table demonstrates the expenditure of a solo retired person and a partner’s per week of a congenial manner of living in an Australian country.
Overall, the money spent by couples on necessities are more than that of a single retired person, and the total expenditure of doublets is more than solitary.
At a glance from tubular information, it is really seen that in every requirement of life expenses of couples are more than singles. Housing is the first necessity, and a single person spends about$160 while the expenditure of a couple is $284. Then in the shopping sector, people’s expenditure is $35 which is $15ess than a retired couple that is $50. Food is a basic necessity, and solo spends $55 on it as partners spend $ 70. After that, clothing and shelter are the next requirements, and solitary and couples spend $67,$92 and $120,$110 respectively. Moving for the two health, there is not much big difference between singles and couples as their expenses are $64 and $77 on it. Afterwards, other expenses come into account, and this spends dollars 177 and 223 respectively. Then the total expenditure is of a single person are two-third of retired couple that is $650 and $934.

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