Describe an Occasion when You Were Scared or Afraid

Describe an occasion when you were scared or Afraid; You should say:

  • When and where it happened
  • Who you were with
  • Why you were scared
  • How you felt about it

Sample Answer of Describe an Occasion when You Were Scared or Afraid

Many scary incidents happen in everyone’s life. One of such, which I still remember has happened during my childhood. At the age of 10 or 12, I was a very energetic and enthusiastic child, always wanted to take part in one or another event. Ahhh!, I still remember that day during my school time. I participated in an independence day event, and it was the parade. Mostly on that day every year, in my school, we start with a parade wearing clean white clothes and play the rhythm of the national anthem—some of the children dressed as well-known characters like Gandhi, Jawahar, etc. A flag hoisting ceremony was just about to begin, and a sudden yelling sound came from the front side of the building. It was our peon, Ramesh’s uncle. Quickly the supporting staff came to gather and informed all students to keep calm and stay safe on the ground. Yes, it was an earthquake, a terrible one. Suddenly, a joyful moment of celebration turns into some shocking and awful incident in my life. While we were standing on the school ground, we saw some buildings were shaking, and some living stuff was just dropping out from balconies. People were running here and there in this perilous situation. I felt that no one should ever experience such a scary and fearful condition in their life. I want to vanish such memories from my mind; I scatter a lot whenever I recall them.

Follow-ups Describe an Occasion when You Were Scared or Afraid.

Question 1. Is it ok to frighten others?

Answer – Not at all; people who frighten others just for their fun and entertainment are a bad thing. This will create distracting moments in a person’s mind, and some people are prone to serious diseases.

Question 2. How do people usually get frightened?

Answer – While watching scary movies or sudden actions which unusually happen in their life, people get frightened a lot. Some people are also scared of darkness, and some are scared of animals like dogs.

Question 3. Do children like to scare others?

Answer – Mostly, children play a game with their siblings and friends to scare each other. But it is just a fun game for a little one. They feel it is funny.

Question 4. Why is it easy to scare some people?

Answer – Some people are not that much active or aware during their general activity. They are scared mostly with little or sudden unusual movement happening around them. So it is easy to scare them.

Question 5. What should people do when they feel scared?

Answer –  Firstly, people should not be scared of any such condition. They need to face it bravely and stay calm in such situations. Some like to pray god while other become rebel at that movement.

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