Many Students Find It Difficult to Focus or Pay Attention at School Nowadays

Many students find it difficult to focus or pay attention at school nowadays. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to solve this problem? Paraphrase the sentence and intro

In recent times, numerous students cannot concentrate on their studies at school. The primary causes are fancy electronic gadgets and difficult curriculum. Through this essay, we shall elaborate causes and find solutions to this issue.

To begin with, gaming gadgets and fancy phones which are easily available to children are loaded with games and videos. The contents are addictive and time-consuming. Due to peer pressure and the influence of their friends, students are caught up in this web. Most of the games require attention and continue scoring points. For instance, there was a game named pokemon, where one needs to find the characters virtually. It became globally popular, mostly among school-going children. Such games distract the children from their studies and consume their valuable time.

The existing study course in the schools is not updated. Some of the subjects and lessons taught are irrelevant to the current times, where exponential information is available with the click of fingers. For example, Algebra and religious studies. Nevertheless, such materials are forced into the syllabus for academic purposes. Children don’t find any connection, and the result is they don’t wish to study boring topics.
In order to resolve this, authorities should not allow any gadgets in the schools, and parents resolve to reprimand their wards if they notice habitual gadget use. Both parents and teachers should teach the importance of studies over gadgets. Reforms in the education system are the need of the hour. Where irrelevant subjects are replaced and up-to-date studies that deal with current times be introduced and taught.

To conclude, if the lessons and subjects taught, develops interest and distracting gadgets kept away from the children. Schools can be places of learning, and excellence can be inevitable.

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