Describe Your Favourite Singer. Speaking Cue Card

Describe your favourite singer

  • How do you know this singer?
  • What this person is like?
  • Do you think he/she is good?

Sample Answer of Describe Your Favourite Singer. Speaking Cue Card

There are many singers I do admire and like singing, and their songs always connect to my emotions and feelings but I really the but my favourite singer is Shahnaz gill she is my favourite singer amongst all, and I really like her songs they are of comedy passions her songs are always related to actions and attracts my emotions and my feelings I really connect with her songs lyrics mostly her songs are of sad of happy and motivated lyrics and they just pumped me up to do well in life and be optimistic in life, and they are sad song they are also very deep and connects to my heart, and most of their songs are of life lessoning that lessons guide to lead a life as well so I really like her songs.

Follow-ups of Describe Your Favourite Singer. Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- What do you think about the role of singers on the national level?

Answer- role of singer’s on a national level is of great significance and as in their songs lyrics they talk about national games and national happenings of India of cultural and diversity of our country so ya they play definitely a very good role on the national level, and also they represent our country to other countries when their song hot popular at the international level.

Question 2:- What qualities do you find in a singer to feel associated with?

Answer- Actually, I think it’s not quality, but the lyrics of the song that mostly feel associated and mainly feel connected with the singer of your emotions and feelings, and sometimes the lyrics just touch your heart, and you think that are your heart to heart feelings towards and represent your situation.

Question 3:- Do you prefer live performances?

Answer- Usually, I don’t prefer live performance because the fans of the singers and live performers are in a huge number and you will not get a chance to be in front and to be in a space to listen you will be just out of that performance you will find very hard to have a seat, and I fell that the voice is also not clear during live performances actually there is a lot of struggle to listen to a live performance well I think I don’t prefer.

Question 4:- Have you met any singers? If given the opportunity whom will you meet?

Answer- Yes, I have met Tarsem Jasser he is also a very good singer and always represent cultural happenings and cultural things in his songs, and he always sings a song related to the current happenings and to guide the youth in a positive way, so I have met him and if given opportunity I will meet my favourite singer Shahnaz gill because unfortunately I haven’t met her and I really want to meet her.

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