Experts Say Older People Were Happier and Healthier in The Past

Experts say older people were happier and healthier in the past because they did more exercise and spent more time with family and friends, whereas many now suffer from loneliness and health problems. What are the causes of this, and what are some solutions?

Due to modernisation, the people are busy in their work-life so, the parents of them feel isolated and suffer many medical problems which were not in their past life as they were living life. This essay will be dived into the reason behind this and lead to the appropriate solutions.

The problems have many myriads of causes. One of the causes is that due to work pace life, they are alone at home and not able to communicate with others which leads to loneliness. The second reason is that the innovation in technology made them difficult to cope with, and they may feel inferior. Finally, as in old age and medical problems, they may suffer from diseases that restrict them from socialising and feel isolated.

To cope up with these problems, some necessary solutions should be taken, which is friendly and try to spend time with the elderly. Moreover, try not to feel inferior for a thing they do not know. Furthermore, old people may go to parks or join a social group so that they may feel healthy.

In conclusion, it can be said that to maintain a healthy life, it is mandatory to exercise, and healthy food for these problems and solutions are discussed above.

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