Having more money and less free time is better than earning less money

Having more money and less free time is better than earning less money and having more free time. Discuss both views and state your opinion


For the betterment of human beings, money plays an indispensable role to fulfil the physiological needs – food, clothes, shelter – according to the Maslow’s theory The ongoing debate among the plebeians is that masses face a dilemma between income and money, in this contemporary world. There are miscellaneous viewpoints regarding the coin money is that currency can alleviate the majority of hindrances in life, still, the ones which are left unresolved play an extraordinary role in the voyage of life.


At the outset, earning less money provide opportunities for individuals to attain sustainability in life. In this way, people can spend more time with their kith and kin. Consequently, it will be beneficial for them to make a strong bond. In addition, when folk has abundant spare time then they can utilize it by doing extra activities. A well-known phrase is said that” an idle mind is devil’s workshop”. With the positive energy, one can turn free mind into creative ones. To cite an example, Anmol kwatra who does work in a non-governmental organization and he runs it by themselves for the welfare of society. He is satisfied with his job by earning less money.


On the flip side, with better financial stability, homosapiens can spend lavish and comfortable lifestyle. Moreover, the monetary benefits bring happiness among folk like they can purchase better clothes, food and shoes. To illustrate, Steve jobs who was the owner of Apple Company was passed away owing to the complications of pancreatic cancer. He was not aware of his ailment because most of the time he was busy in his work. Furthermore, if masses have more money then they can invest that money and might be getting rid of his all worries.


Based on this study it can be reiterated that both have their own significance. But I reckon that plebeians should maintain a balanced life by giving equal time to work as well as personal life. In this way, they will lead a more satisfying lifestyle if they prioritize both factors equally.

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