In Many Countries, the Number of Animals and Plants Is Declining

In many countries, the number of animals and plants is declining. Why do you think this is happening? How can this issue be solved?

Decreasing the ratio of various plants and animals is the main problem of the globe. There are certain reasons behind occurring this issue, like deforestation, pollution and global warming. This essay will look at the core reasons and propose some solid solutions.

There are certain causes why many plants and animals are extinct nowadays. The reason is that human’s need to get modern infrastructure. As a result, many forests are cut down for wood and industrialism so that many species of plants become in danger. To be more precise, other plants and animals, who depend on that extinct species became extinct, which means that it creates an imbalance in the ecosystem.

Moreover, another reason behind the extinction of animals is global warming. For instance, plenty of sparrows were lost their lives due to global warming. Many species is also in danger because of this great problem.

So what can we do to save this endangered species? The first and foremost reason is to keep them in a century. For instance, if authority should make a sanctuary, many extinction’s lives can be saved. Additionally, in India, especially many lines are seen as a safety purpose in Gir sanctuary. Furthermore, authorities should plant more trees to reduce the global warming effect.

In conclusion, it is increasing the extinction of different species because of deforestation and global warming. This is the main problem. If authority should make a sanctuary, many plants and animals can be protected and also authority should grow more plants for medicine.

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