Many People Leave Their Home Country and Go to Other Countries to Live and Work

Many people leave their home country and go to other countries to live and work. Why do you think it is happening? Do the advantages of this trend outweigh its disadvantages?

Immigration is becoming more popular in recent times. A significant number of people now prefer to travel to foreign countries to work and earn a living. This decision has reasons with both negative and positive aspects, and this essay will discuss them in detail.

To begin with, the reasons, having a good job with high remuneration is one of the factors that make people migrate to other countries. This is because a good job will guarantee life satisfaction for the majority of people and such high-paid jobs are mostly found in developed countries, therefore, necessitating people’s migration. For instance, nurses are known to be well paid in overseas countries. Hence, many nurses want to travel and work in those countries so as to ensure a living. Moreover, it is evident that foreign countries provide access to basic amenities that people need to survive, such as constant water and power supplies, good health insurance, etc. These are also found to be reasons people move to those countries.

The advantages of traveling to another country cannot be overemphasized. Firstly, it improves the standard of living of people. Because people earn well in those nations, they also live well, taking cognizance of their aesthetic needs. For example, an IT technologist working in a good company can decide to buy a car to relieve his mode of transportation because he has the resources to do so. This will be easier because such a person earns well. Secondly, it provides an opportunity for career enhancement. Developed countries have an advanced level of education that stimulate their citizens to improve in their career. Majority of people who travel abroad always have better chances to upgrade their profession. However, the home country has always been the one to suffer for this step as immigration always has a serious drawback on the economy of the country. People who are supposed to stay back and improve the economy of their countries are the ones traveling out to improve the economy of other countries.

In conclusion, many people decide to travel out of their home countries for a high-paid job and access to basic amenities. This will improve their standards of living and boost their career but definitely has a disadvantage on their local countries which must not be ignored. People should therefore think hundreds of times before engaging in this decision.

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