Many People Today Do Not Feel Safe Either at Home or When They Are Out (3)

Many People Today Do Not Feel Safe Either at Home or When They Are Out

Many people today do not feel safe either at home or when they are out. What are the causes? What are the solutions?

Safety is one of the essential fundamental needs of life. In this contemporary world, the vast majority of individuals do not feel secure both in their individual houses and their external environment. This essay discusses what may lead to this problem which includes increasing crime rate and adequate police officers. This essay should also discuss the solutions, such as the provision of more employment and more security personnel on the streets.

To commence with, there are myriad causes of why a large group of individuals feel insecure under their own roof and even when they are outside. First of all, there is a growing crime rate these days. Even if you are at home, robbers can break into your house and steal your valuables. When going shopping or any other activity outside, criminals can bump into you and harm you. Second of all, another root cause of this trivial matter is the lack of employment by most youths as such, and they indulge in all kinds of extreme bad behaviours. According to the Ghanaian times, there is a surge in the rate of crime rate to about 40% in 2020.

There is countless way in which this devasting problem can be solved. Firstly, I think the government should try as much as possible to provide more jobs, especially to the youth of today. While they are occupied with work activities, this will prevent them from committing any offences to the general public. Secondly, there should be more police offers who should be instructed to patrol on the street. When offenders notice the presence of officers in town, they will be frightened to commit any offences.

In conclusion, I believe saltiness to the public should be given much attention in order to prevent any future irreparable consequences. The main causes of the problem are high numbers of criminals and lack of jobs. However, these issues can be solved by providing more jobs and increasing security.

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