Natural Beauty Such as Lakes, Beaches, and Mountains Are Being Surrounded by Garbage

Natural beauty such as lakes, beaches, and mountains are being surrounded by Garbage (rubbish) left by people. What are the causes for this? What solutions do you suggest?

It is irrefutable that people have flooded the natural wonders of the world with litter. There are many factors associated with this, as will be highlighted in the essay, before going on to offer some solutions to the problems.

The wide array of magnificent views which adorn most of our natural landscape has succumbed to the terrible and negligent habits being practised by people, mostly because of tourism growth. As numbers increase of foreign and local people visit to view the different wonders of our world, a lot of rubbish is piling up and shadowing the beauty of the lakes, beaches or mountains since people place litter anywhere. For example, the Herald of Wednesday the 6th in 2019 released a story on how 15% of Lake Chivero’s Banks had dried up due to tourists who frequent the area and end up throwing empty plastic bottles or packaging from food items near the lake.

Additionally, negligence by the residents, which results in litter being deposited anywhere, has caused a great deal of menace, especially when the wind blows most of the waste that is not biodegradable; it tends to accumulate along banks of rivers and streams and also around mountains. Virtually all the plastics and bottles that are left lying around our environment find their way to rivers, lakes or mountains when they are floods or storms. To give an example, the Manica post of Mutare July 2019 reported that in Chimanimani in October of 2018, the community was still suffering the aftermath of the long-gone cyclone, with 20% of the rivers that supplied the villages with safe and clean water having been occluded by garbage that was thrown into the river banks by storms.

Having listed the above as explanations for the vast debris that’s occluding the beauty of the landscape, there is a great deal of tried and tested remedies to beautify the ecosystem again, like reducing the use of non-biodegradable waste to reduce plastic pollution. As an example, the Environmental Management Agency of Zimbabwe, in its July 2019 annual report, revealed that efforts to clean up the city of Harare by eliminating the use of non-biodegradable material from being used for packaging had eventually moved the graph higher for the city as they managed to reduce waste from the city centre by 45% in that year. Additionally, people should be educated on the harmful effects of disposing of rubbish where it does not belong.

To summarise, they are a lot of explanations why trash ends up in rivers, lakes or surrounding mountains, like, use of non-biodegradable waste which is not deposited in litter bins, and ignorant practices by residents who throw litter anywhere can be resolved if people are educated on the importance of disposing litter in bins or incinerators or and encouraging the use of biodegradable plastic which accounts for most of the litter that is found polluting the environment.

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