“Prevention is better than cure.” Out of a country’s health budget

“Prevention is better than cure.” Out of a country’s health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventative measures. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

A healthy lifestyle is vital to living a healthy and wealthy life. It is the responsibility of the government to make the public aware of the benefits of following a healthy schedule. It is obvious such guidelines and education in schools will assist in lowering the number of patients and diseases over the nation. So, I strongly agree with this statement that government has to share some budgets in promoting health education instead of in only treating.

Firstly, when we are overlooking the reasons people getting sick are unhygienic environment and poverty. People who are not able to eat two meals in a day are quickly attacked by diseases because of their low immunity. If the government can help them by offering some work, they will be enabled to feed their families and get an adequate amount of food to live healthily. For unhygienic, not only the government but the public is also responsible. To make people know about the effects of a polluted environment, there should be seminars or workshops for people so we can keep our surroundings neat. Also, the government can publish some rules and regulations if a person not only plant, also take care of it, authorities must reward them with some cash. In contrast, if notices anyone cutting a tree will charge a fine.

Furthermore, in schools’ government should put health education as a mandatory subject. In which school management have to teach them how to follow a hygienic routine. For instance, put the waste in bins, wash hands properly before and eating food, sneeze under the elbow if tissue or handkerchief is not in hand, etc. moreover, educators can encourage children to follow it at home and teach to youngers and elders. Adding more, students are the future of a nation, so for fitness, take a lecture of 30-40 minutes of physical exercises and yoga asanas so they will become strong physically as well as mentally. Last but not least, providing the people diet plan is a good option to control obesity which is a major cause of heart attacks, asthma, high blood pressure rate, and so on. To treat this, the individual starts taking medicines that consume the person gradually with time.

In conclusion, it is precise to say that ‘prevention is better than cure. In present days, the cost of treatment reaches the top, which is a concern of each family. To prevent ourselves from getting ill, prevention methods are easier and healthier as compared to inhale medicines.

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